Beyond Lifestyles.

COOLA understands the importance of having a clean water supply and fresh, unpolluted air at home. And as we invest in top notch technology and consistent upgrades in our product quality, there is a great assurance of providing an efficient water purifier and air purifier for all.

Established in 2019, PHUTURE COOLA is the only distributor of a series of household products specializing in water purifier and air purifier. Well-reputed for its resourcefulness and dedication, the members of the company grew in numbers. A company that checks in with the moving trends and evolving market, PHUTURE COOLA is dynamic in nature with ‘PHUTURE’ combining both Philippines and future, while ‘COOLA’ serves as an identity, in which represents a lifestyle trend that our company intends to create.

Driven by passion and perseverance, PHUTURE COOLA has since expanded the market in the Philippines and is aiming to venture into the Vietnam market in the next expansion. PHUTURE COOLA emphasizes on building personalized and strong relationships across clients, retailers and developers, which accelerates growth, both internally and externally.

PHUTURE COOLA strives to make every Filipinos healthy and ensure purity in their lives through pure water & pure air. As the sole distributor in the Philippines, it is focused on delivering superior water purifiers for home and commercial use across the country.

We, at PHUTURE COOLA, aim to establish new benchmarks in water purification technology and offer world-class choices in modern potable water systems to Philippine consumers. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit where we research, develop, and refine water purification in Malaysia. We maintain the highest standard of quality and hygiene to avoid any contamination. Each product is manufactured and assembled in a sterile environment and tested thoroughly at our quality control lab.

Our strong distribution network ensures that we reach consumers in every corner of the country. With our passionate team spirit, commitment, excellence and vigor to success, PHUTURE COOLA is working towards changing the water purifier industry in the Philippines.