Water Purifier Features

Water Purifier Specification

Product Code QL-RO-K
Voltage Rated Voltage 220V - 240V-
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Total Power Rating 2100W
Heating System Heating Power 2050W
Heating Capacity 24L/h (>90degrees Celcius)
Purification Specification PP Cotton Filter PPC CPP Reverse Osmosis Removal of all kinds of turbidity in water. Absorption of odor, color, residual chlorine in water anti-bacteria, improvement of taste. Reverse osmosis can effectively remove harmful substances such as heavy metals, bacteria, virus, etc.
Size 2.5L
Machine Size Length x Width x Height L446mm x W215mm x H390mm
Net Weight 7.6kg
Accessory Package Contains 5m PE pipe, connecting three-way ball valve, faucet pipe, instruction manual, warranty card, certificate