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Clean Indoor Air: The Benefits An Air Purifier Can Offer

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During this pandemic, it is essential to be more cautious about the diseases you can get from polluted air. Therefore, the importance of having an air purifier at home changes many things.

It is a given that your home is designed to provide shelter and we are spending most of our time at home especially during this pandemic. But you should still be conscious of maintaining the safety of your family even indoors. With plenty of time that we spend at our home, you may be exposed to more indoor pollutants that can result in lung diseases.

Harmful air particles such as smoke, pollen, bacteria, virus, and other pollutants that damage your lungs and immune system are everywhere. The worse thing is that these cannot be seen by the naked eye. To remove these harmful particles, the presence of air purifiers is essential.

Air purifiers not only exist to be decorations or aesthetics in your living room or bedroom because there is much more than producing smoke that cleanses the indoor air. So, how do air purifiers work? Simply put, air purifiers sanitize the air. As these devices use a system of internal fans that pull air from your home through a series of filters, the air it draws in is filtered to remove harmful air particles such as dust, allergens, toxins, and bacteria. Right after, the filtered air circulates back into the room. As air flows into the air purifier, the finer the filter it has inside, the smaller the particles it will entrap.

Functions of HEPA Filter

HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters are the most astounding filter that an air purifier could have. It captures the smallest-sized particles within a multi-layered netting that is usually made up of fine fiberglass threads. In order to be classified as a HEPA filter, it needs to remove no less than 99.97% of airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns, which is absolutely top-notching. HEPA filters efficiently remove the smallest air pollutant and the more that air passes through it, the cleaner your indoor air would be.

Benefits of an air purifier

With proper and careful usage, air purifiers can make a huge difference in your indoors. Air purifiers help reduce airborne contaminants that include bacteria and viruses that are dangerously present in a confined space such as our homes.

From protection from allergy triggers to the prevention of harmful substances contaminating your homes, air purifiers have lots of benefits and advantages that are extremely helpful for everyone to live a better life.

  1. Removes unpleasant odor and dustAir purifiers not only clean the air but also help eliminate unpleasant and foul odors such as burnt food or fishy smells. Aside from the odor, air purifiers also remove allergens like pollen and dust which can harm everyone’s health. It helps entrap dust before it even settles in your home, leaving you with clean breathable air.
  2. Entraps and filters allergen released by pets and other airborne bacteriaFor homes with pets, we sometimes ignore the fact that they release pet dander, fur, and other airborne allergens into the air. But, as it happens every day, we must realize that it is not good for our health. Air purifiers help combat these allergens by entrapping and filtering them, making you breathe comfortably in your home. Air purifiers also remove up to 99% of the smallest airborne particles like pollen, mold spores, and other bacteria floating in the air that causes the members of your family to get ill.
  3. Help in neutralizing smokeSmoke is a harmful substance that can affect your health. Extreme exposure to tobacco or cigarette smoke can lead to ear infections, asthma, pneumonia, and bronchitis. As much as smoking is bad for your health, second-hand smoke is just as dangerous especially to children and elderly people who are at higher risk of having health issues.Air purifiers can remove smoke with a HEPA filter and activated carbon. As HEPA filters can remove the smallest harmful particles at 0.3 microns, cigarette or tobacco smoke can be drawn into purifiers where it will be entrapped and filtered out.
  4. Keeps your lungs healthy and stops sickness from spreadingThe main purpose of an air purifier is to ensure that your family is breathing the safest and cleanest indoor air. To avoid acquiring such diseases caused by polluted air, these devices are a must in your home. As consistent exposure to dust, pollen, dander, and other airborne particles can cause several health issues, using an air purifier is best to give you the confidence of breathing the safest air at home. Proudly, air purifiers neutralize up to 99.97% of airborne bacteria, virus, and germs that you definitely want to stay away from and avoid.
  5. You can place it anywhereWe all want to keep our homes tidy and more organized. And the worry of putting another device in our home might be troublesome but good things is that air purifiers come in a variety of sizes that can fit everywhere. Air purifiers also have lots of features that will keep the air clean and safe at any part of your house.

Studies say that indoor air is two to five times polluted compared to outdoor air. But sometimes it can be up to 100 times more polluted. At this time of pandemic, everyone wishes to breathe safe air at the comfort of our homes. To do that, we must ensure that we protect not only ourselves but also our family members.

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