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COOLA Water Purifier: Worth The Investment, Said Laureen Uy

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Since 2019, COOLA has invested in top-notch technology and constant product improvements with the goal of providing clean, purified drinking water and unpolluted indoor air to every Filipino household. As COOLA aims to make every Filipino’s life easier, it has expanded its reach to a much broader audience, delivering health, safety, and overall well-being beyond lifestyle.

Lots have already invested and included COOLA in their beloved homes. The trust they have given to the brand provides an even greater inspiration and determination to continue providing the best and high-quality products and services to all. COOLA also prioritizes customer satisfaction, and we value each feedback, may it be from regular customers or celebrities.

Fashion Icon and Social Media Influencer Shares Her COOLA Experience

Laureen Uy, a Filipina fashion icon, social media influencer, and celebrity has recently included COOLA to her “Best Purchases of 2021,” dubbing the brand as worthy of her investment.

During the installation of COOLA in her home, the team has tested her tap water through a water electrolyzer. Comparing the quality of Uy’s tap water and the COOLA water, it was visible that the former revealed a rusty color, while the water purifier remained clean and transparent. This factor resulted in her firm decision to invest with COOLA.

After letting COOLA purify her home, they do not need to buy water gallons and jugs anymore. This is because the water coming from the faucet gets directly filtered by the COOLA Water Purifier. The machine can be put on your kitchen’s countertop near the sink, and it is connected to your faucet. In just one tap, your water gets purified and you can now enjoy clean and safe drinking water without any worries.

After Using COOLA Water Purifier

“COOLA Water Purifier is the best!” This is Laureen Uy’s conclusion upon letting COOLA purify her household. She says that even though it is a bit expensive, it was definitely worth the investment. Particularly, after installing a COOLA Water Purifier in her home, she does not need to buy gallons and bottled waters anymore.

Uy also enjoys the comfort and convenience that her family is now free from bacteria, germs, viruses, lead, pesticides, and other harmful substances that may affect their health. The COOLA Water Purifier guarantees that their daily drinking water is 100% clean and purified thanks to its 4-stage filtration system with Reverse Osmosis Technology from the US. Additionally, the slim and elegant device makes morning coffee and tea sessions easier with its Instant Hot Technology.

Laureen Uy’s Overall COOLA Water Purifier Experience

“It amazes me! This is really life-changing!”

The COOLA Water Purifier relieves your stress and worry, because aside from its effective and easy-to-use features, the filters are also regularly changed once or twice a year.

You do not need to stock gallons and jugs at home, you do not need to use a water dispenser anymore. Because with only one tap of the COOLA Water Purifier, you get an unlimited supply of clean, safe, and purified drinking water.

Celebrity endorsements, recommendations, and the growing community of satisfied customers prove how effective and reliable COOLA is, making its products a trusted choice.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to prioritize your health and overall well-being by investing in the COOLA Water Purifier today. Let COOLA purify your home, contact us now!

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